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3 Benefits of Partnering With a Proven HR Technology Provider

Human Resource outsourcing comes in all shapes and sizes, but can be one of the most powerful changes to optimize and safeguard your business. What we’re specifically talking about isn’t full outsourcing, but rather offloading the challenging portions of the human resources (HR) department with software. By partnering with the right HR technology provider, you’re equipping your HR department with the tools they need to function at their very best. However, when choosing an HR service provider, not all are created equally. Here at Quentelle, we have an incredible all-in-one HR software solution that can change the way you do business in many ways– here are just a few of the benefits.

Benefits of Using HR Services Companies

Again, we’re not talking about full human resources outsourcing, but outsourcing the painful, often mundane busywork of how the HR department functions. When you allow your staff to use their HR expertise on improving and optimizing how your business runs, everyone benefits. Here are just some of the high-level benefits you’ll experience when you partner with the best HR outsourcing services available, Quentelle.

1. Empower Yourself to Make Decisions

When you use a proven technology provider such as Quentelle as your internal human resources software, you’re going to put yourself in a position to see many facets of your business in one place. Our platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to compile, query, and analyze large amounts of data and uncover trends and patterns. When you’re able to see and manage employment verification, point-of-hire tax credits, unemployment claims, and unemployment tax planning in one place, you’re going to be in a position to plan well, save money, and be at the apex of risk management.

2. Optimize Your HR Workflow

Any small business has an HR team that is constantly busy. Payroll and tax administration, payroll processing, keeping up on regulatory and legal changes, and helping employees with their needs are all integral parts of keeping your company running smoothly. The last thing you want to do is keep your HR team busy keeping track of their HR responsibilities in various methods on different platforms. When you have human resources outsourcing services like our software suite, your valuable employees can focus on the HR processes that need their attention most.

3. A Better Employee Experience

Not only will a proven HR technology partner help your human resources team, but it will also directly provide employee benefits. Our software suite will allow your employees to handle many of their own personal human resources tasks. And when employee self-service is an option, it’s more convenient and quicker for everyone involved.

Quentelle is the Best HR Service Company

Many of the existing HR outsourcing services are scattered throughout various websites and programs, and they can be cumbersome to use well.

When you choose to partner with our team here at Quentelle, you’re choosing the superior alternative to other, more traditional HR service bundles. , We believe in what we call the “power of one,” which for your business means one contract, one platform, on payroll file, and of course, the absolute gold standard when it comes to collaborative service providers.

Let us show you how we handle HR outsourcing differently by empowering your team. If you’re ready to experience one suite of proven solutions and protect yourself from cybercrime, let’s talk.

Our software is smart and simple and can provide you with the best HR services available. Schedule a demo today by filling out a form, or giving us a call.

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