Employee Verification

What is an Employee Verification?

The employees are the backbone of any business — the ones who keep the company running on a day-to-day basis. That’s why it’s crucial to have a system that...

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WOTC Calculator

What is a WOTC Calculator? And Where to Find One!

Did you know that a federal tax credit is available to businesses that hire certain workers? It is known as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, or WOTC. If you’re...

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digital verification of employment

What Do We Mean by “Turnkey, Easy-to-Use, Human Resource Suite”?

Many businesses might find navigating the murky waters of employee relations challenges. If your company wants to grow and thrive, you must ensure the right people are on board...

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unemployment manage claim

Unemployment Insurance Claim Audits: Strategies For Employers

No matter what industry you’re in, if you have employees, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll have to deal with unemployment claims at some point. If you’ve ever dealt with...

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unemployment manage claim

An Introduction to Workflow Automation in HR Applications

Workflow management is one of the most misunderstood and underutilized tools when it comes to any part of your business – but especially the human resources department of any...

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Employee Retention Credit

An Introduction to COVID-19 Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

Things have been extremely challenging for many businesses in the last few years, to say the least. The corporate landscape has shifted drastically, and in some cases, these changes...

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voe providers

Why Automating VOE Is Good For Your Bottom Line

More and more, there are aspects of your business that can be updated to match the current state of online security and technology. One of the most overlooked facets...

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voe provider

What to do When Your Employee Needs Verification of Employment

If you’re an employer, there’s no doubt that you’ll eventually get a request from someone to “verify their employment” for one of your current or former employees. There are...

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verification of employment mortgage

Six Types of Businesses That Can Benefit from a VOE Provider

For many industries, the last two years have seen a drastic shift in how we do business. Some industries saw record-breaking revenues while others struggled to stay afloat. But...

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hr data analysis

Data Analytics And Its Role In Human Resources

Introduction – What is HR Data Analytics? Organizations are sitting on a goldmine of data. This data can be used to improve a variety of business functions, including human...

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employee verification request

Four Tips For Finding the Best VOE Provider

Technology is advancing rapidly when it comes to an employee verification request, and many companies are moving away from the more traditional methods for quicker, more secure, and more...

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reference checking

Reference Checking: The Relationship Between VOE and CyberSecurity

Secure employment verification is a vital function in the marketplace today. Not only is secure employment verification essential for employers and human resource professionals, but it’s also vital for...

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