Read the Stories. See the Proof.

Learn how companies have benefited from using our proven solutions. Read the case studies below to see how our unique solutions for verification of employment, point-of-hire tax credits and cybersecurity have helped our clients.

Quentelle Case Studies

We invite you to read our case studies to see why Quentelle’s proven solutions will save you time and money. Take a look at some of the specific details of how our award-winning platform has helped companies similar to yours. Quentelle is the industry leader when it comes to solutions for verification of employment (VOE), point-of-hire tax credits (WOTC), and cybersecurity (among other things). See those solutions in action.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

The power of a case study is that it allows you to read real stories and see actual proof of how our human resources solutions powered change for the companies that work with Quentelle.

As you read the case studies showcased here, consider how the solutions mentioned could help your company reach the next level of growth and optimization.

Employment Verification

In this case study, you’ll read how Quentelle took a Fortune 500 company’s employment verification program woes and turned them into an effortless annual revenue stream.

Point-of-Hire Tax Credits

In this case study, you’ll read how Quentelle helped a widely-known grocery chain literally double its Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) by implementing our proven solutions.

These Case Studies Are Only the Beginning

At Quentelle, we work with many companies and provide them with the very best in simplified, automated HR solutions. If you don’t see a case study that meets your specific needs or answers your questions, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to talk about how we can help your business.

Quentelle is smart and simple redefined, and we’re certain we can come up with some examples that would match your company’s situation.

And no matter what your company’s needs are, you can enjoy some tremendous benefits that only Quentelle can offer. We promise:

●      One Contract – A single service agreement that keeps things simple.

●      One Platform – A single place to work from to save you money and time.

●      One Data Source – A single source of all information; no more multiple payroll files.

As you can see, our focus is to offer you one suite of proven, award-winning solutions – all powered by providers who are the best in the industry. We’re proud to deliver the most advanced technology that is also the easiest to use.

Quentelle Offers Proven Solutions

When we say that Quentelle offers proven solutions powered by advanced technology, we mean it. We help companies like yours automate, simplify, and optimize their human resources departments. Our award-winning, cloud-based platform is simple and powerful, and will deliver you incredible results almost effortlessly. Are you looking to optimize (or add) any of the following solutions to your company? It could save you a fortune, and in some cases even create new revenue streams:

●      Verification of Employment

●      Unemployment Claims Management

●      Unemployment Tax Planning

●      Point-of-Hire Tax Credits

●      HR Analytics

●      Cybersecurity

Are you interested in a demo? We’d love to learn more about what your needs may be and show you how we can help. We have the perfect, simple solution waiting for you. Reach out to us here for more information!

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