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Quentelle Names Mike McConnell Chief Operating Officer

Quentelle, LLC, is pleased to announce today that Mike McConnell, Vice President of Quentelle has been promoted to Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

“Mike is a proven and trusted leader that consistently delivers results. His unique skills and laser-focused operational expertise will streamline and continue to drive operational excellence,” said Stephen Wain, Chairman & Managing Member of Quentelle. “Mike’s ability to pursue excellence while engendering organizational growth and results make him uniquely suited for this position. As Quentelle grows our leading software platform and associated offerings, Mike’s ability to help bring products and services to market will usher in new opportunities for our clients.” Under his new role, Mike will assume responsibility for operations, engineering, marketing, sales, and service; leading all efforts to streamline product delivery and customer services/experience.

Quentelle’s story has never been more compelling and relevant. It’s been amazing to see how our innovation has captured the hearts and minds of the customers and partners we serve,” said McConnell, “I am extremely excited to help lead the company to its next phase of innovation and operational excellence.”

“Mike has been instrumental in the rapid growth of our business and has delivered results and earned the respect of all members within our organization. I’m happy to work with Mike on the growth of Quentelle,” said Phil Ownbey, Quentelle’s President.

Prior to his appointment, McConnell was responsible for product deployment as well as marketing and service delivery. McConnell joined Quentelle in 2018 after selling a successful healthcare franchise business he founded Prior to that, he worked in various industries including manufacturing and defense electronics, spanning over twenty years. Michael earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University and is also a proud veteran of the US Armed Forces.

Headquartered in New Jersey, with staff nationally and worldwide, Quentelle is a business and artificial intelligence technology company, and the developers of ForeSite™, a data intelligence platform that allows third-party developers and their applications to provide state-of-the-art information as part of their applications. Quentelle is the developer of VeriSafeJobs™, a nationally recognized Verification of Employment/Income SaaS application that works under the ForeSite™ platform that services Fortune 500 and mid-size entities who require greater insight into the needs of their employees, as well as outside entities and government agencies. Quentelle works with information collected to provide actionable insights to enhance partner products and service offerings. Its platform works across many industries, and is currently working on areas such as HRIS, Medical, and Cybersecurity.

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