One of the most critical business functions for any organization is human resource management. Competitive companies are increasingly adopting HR automation to improve the efficiency of their people, processes and business resources. The time, cost and talent that companies typically invest in human resource planning, strategizing and execution can significantly reduced by automating a number of HR department activities.

No matter what type of business you’re in, one thing is certain – you need a human resources management solution in place for your company to function. As a business, you want to stay competitive in the ever-changing market so it’s more important than ever to keep a watchful eye on where you’re using your company resources.

Is your human resources department still handling everything manually? If the answer is yes, then it’s likely that the time and cost you’re spending on human resources planning and execution is significantly increasing your operating costs. Can you afford that?

Successful businesses know that human resources matters are more complex than they’ve ever been. Companies staying ahead of the curve are adopting automated human resources management – and your business administration can too. But where would you even get started? Well, look no further than Quentelle.

Advantages of Automating HR Processes

With support from advanced human resources and business resource digital platforms such as Quentelle, your organization can achieve a number of competitive advantages. These may include:

    • Designing, deployment, integration, and streamlining of key HR functions and services with high efficiency and low cost.
    • Productivity improvements with accurate and timely data processing and data sharing.
    • Lower incidence of policy violations and reduced risks of non-compliance.
    • Reduction in errors related to documentation and data entry.
    • More effective hiring to boost organizational strength and market competency as well as improved job satisfaction levels.
    • Power to leverage insightful data and reporting to make smarter business and human resource decisions.

    Here at Quentelle, we are the best in the industry at designing, deploying, and streamlining key human resources functions. We’ll take a look at your business model, your financial resources, your staff, and other areas to find where material resources, tangible assets, and intangible assets are being wasted. We can help you bring your company into the present when it comes to your human resources processes.

    Your human resources staff is essential to your business functioning, and by using our best-in-class digital platform, we’ll empower them to be more efficient and do the best job possible. We help companies just like yours gain several competitive advantages in their day-to-day operations, such as:

    ●      Improved productivity through timely, accurate data processing and sharing.

    ●      Fewer errors and policy violations.

    ●      Reduced risk of non-compliance.

    ●      Increased resource management powered by data.

    ●      Ability to make confident decisions based on insightful reporting.

    ●      Higher employee productivity and retention.

    ●      Significant savings on cost and financial resources.

    When you use Quentelle’s platform, you’re giving your human resource team the raw materials they need to confidently complete their work, and make smarter, data-driven business decisions. Give your team the organizational resources they need for success and allow them to use company resources efficiently and meaningfully.

HR Automation Platform Features

One of the keys to optimal utilization of your business resources and human resources departments through HR automation is to select the right automation platform. Quentelle’s big data platform is based on advanced AI and cloud computing technology that can significantly improve your business and HR processes. Some of the features in an advanced HR digital platform include:

Actionable Business Insights

Timely and actionable business insights along with user-friendly dashboards and enriched content reports help improve your decision making.

Our user-friendly dashboard is one of the most accessible and usable technological resources your company will have at its disposal. It delivers enriched content quickly, giving you the business insights you need to allocate resources within your company. When it comes to decision-making, you won’t have to guess when you’re using Quentelle. Keep a close eye on crucial financial resources and responsibilities such as:

●      Tax credit capture

●      Fraud protection

●      Easier compliance

●      Acquiring Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

●      Verification of Employment (VOE)

●      Unemployment Insurance Claims Management

When you use our reporting solution, you’ll be able to optimize the HR resource allocation for your business. Whether it’s physical resources, intellectual resources, or any other business resource, Quentelle’s dashboard will help you clearly see data trends that matter and take action.

Quentelle Offers Business Resources That Help Your Bottom Line

Business resources and human capital are limited, and should be used as effectively as possible for your business to truly thrive.

Quentelle is dedicated to giving you a suite of tools and key resources for your HR automation so that your business can grow. Save valuable time and money, and maintain the highest level of production from your employees with our digital tools.

Easier compliance, tax credit capture, and fraud protection

Its not just HR managers who need reliable verification of employment functions. All too often, applicants falsify information on resumes and applications. This is a huge issue since employment verification is used by banks and government agencies to create risk profiles or determine eligibility for loans and various programs. Likewise, Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) are real money for an organization, and screening for qualifying candidates is a large offset to onboarding costs.

Quentelle's suite of tools ensures that these functions are automated and seamlessly integrate into your HR technology stack, enabling you to maintain control over your entire VOE pipeline.

Seamless Integration

Quick and seamless integration capabilities allow you to synchronize business and HR data with various human resource management systems.

Multi-Channel Access

Empowered by a digital HR platform, your teams can access critical information and data related to the human resource process anytime, anywhere, and using any connected device.

Automated Workflow

An advanced AI based HR platform such as Quentelle lets you design dynamic HR workflows that operate in sync with multiple business resources and human resource functions.

Risk Reduction

With the power of cloud computing, Quentelle’s human resources management platform fortifies your data security and helps make various human resource processes more visible, accessible, and virtually tamper-proof.

Why Choose HR Automation with Quentelle?

With Quentelle’s industry-leading HR automation technology platform and its advances suite of services, the business resource and human resources functions at your organization can realize the following competitive advantages:

Accuracy in Decision-Making

You will have access to multiple data points and inputs in order to make more astute business and human resource decisions. Room for human error is minimized when your organization has the backing of advanced automation solutions from Quentelle.

Faster Task Completion

With the cutting-edge human resource and business resource automation tools from Quentelle, your talented employees and project teams can avoid getting entangled into menial and repetitive tasks. The software can accomplish these tasks to save your organization valuable time, which can be utilized for high-impact business and HR activities.

Significant Cost Savings

When HR departments and business process gaps are bridged, scope for human error is minimized, and time-consuming activities are accomplished through HR automation with Quentelle, your organization will realize significant cost savings. With no large investment in complex in-house automation systems, you avoid major fixed costs as well as regular maintenance costs.

Higher Per-Employee Productivity

When human resources department and business resource processes are more streamlined and manual dependence is reduced, your employers can redirect their time and energy towards mission-critical activities. Employee performance, employee engagement and employee motivation in general, and HR staff productivity in particular, can dramatically improve as the automated HR platform of Quentelle eliminates bottlenecks, unlocks key business insights, and enables more effective company-wide collaboration.

Consistency and Uniformity

The human resource landscape over time has become increasingly complex. To navigate it effectively, it is vital to have consistent HR workflows. However, when the HR and business processes are managed manually, it is hard to have consistency in the workflows. Automation in HR process helps ensure that no matter how complex the variables are, the HR professionals can accomplish various tasks with consistency and uniformity.

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Business resources and human capital are finite and must be used optimally in order to thrive in an extremely competitive marketplace. Give your business the power of Quentelle’s AI and cloud based platform that is designed to deliver a streamlined user experience.

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