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Here at Quentelle, we’re offering tomorrow’s technology delivered today. We specialize in ensuring businesses in all industries don’t get left behind by offering solutions and support for a digital transformation right now.

We’ll help your company automate and simplify its processes using our Human Resources Solutions Suite. Our award-winning cloud services transform what’s possible for your company, and give you proven, easy-to-use solutions and strategies in one place.

Let us show you why Quentelle solutions are smart and simple redefined.

Our Technology Solutions

Here are just some of our proven solutions that are powered by the most advanced technologies available (and yet remain simple to use):

Verification of Employment

Verifying employment can be a time-consuming and tedious process. For your own business, it’s important to hire the right employees to be a part of your team. When it comes to the service your clients are getting, the truth is the quality of your business is defined by the quality of your staff. Checking their employment history might be a good indication of their commitment and productivity level.

Other times, an employment verification request comes in when one of your employees is seeking to obtain a loan, mortgage, or lease. These requests are usually from financial institutions and government agencies considering approving a loan for your company’s current or former employee. Fulfilling these requests take your employees away from completing the tasks that affect your daily business operations.

When using our Verification of Employment (VOE) solution VeriSafeJobs, we’ll provide you with the best-in-class way to formally review each job candidate’s present job status and employment history. You’ll also be able to quickly respond to employment verification requests from outside organizations.

Unemployment Claims Management

We’ll help you navigate the shifting waters of unemployment insurance claims, helping you achieve the best outcome in every circumstance. We’ll proactively manage your UI claims (including acceptance and denial), as well as track and carefully audit your UI claims history. When you use Quentelle, we’ll give you the ability to keep your number of unemployment claims as low as possible.

Unemployment Tax Planning

It’s more complicated than ever to handle tax responsibilities for your business, and unemployment taxes are some of the most complex tax infrastructure of all for any organization. Here at Quentelle, our services will help you reduce your unemployment tax costs, improve your hiring process, capture Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), and focus on providing adequate job training – and that’s just for starters.

Point-of-Hire Tax Credits

Our integrated technology solutions will provide you with a comprehensive tax credit solution. We work with our partner Walton to offer you the industry standard solution in securing Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC). With a few simple yet crucial questions added during your company’s onboarding process, Walton can determine eligibility and handle the pursuit of tax credits on your behalf. Organizations we work with see incredible savings.

HR Analytics

Our cloud-based platform will give you easy access to data and analytics that is simple to understand. With clear insights at your fingertips, you’ll be able to optimize and prioritize your resources, empower your workforce, increase employee retention, and ultimately improve your customer experience. The benefits are many, and can all be found in one easy-to-access location in our dashboard.

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