things to consider when selecting hr bundle

Important Things To Consider When Selecting An HR Services Bundle

Human Resources departments are known to wear many hats and they are responsible for handling sensitive information on a daily basis. In addition to staffing, employee relations, and payroll, HR is also responsible for administering:

  • Point-of-Hire Tax Credit
  • Verification of Employment and Income
  • Unemployment Claims

As you can see, this is a lot to juggle. So, if you’re wondering if there is a solution that can make these tasks easier and simpler, the answer is YES. Implementing an HR Solutions bundle into your business can help expedite these tasks with ease, saving you time and valuable resources.


The inefficiencies of continuing to implement outdated and manual HR administrative processes comes with a set of redundancies and risk exposures that will cost you time and money. Think of the additional things your HR team can focus on if only these tasks were automated. An HR Bundle delivers you one platform to manage all these tasks with ease.

Tools That Make it Easy

A common mistake that companies make is implementing a number of tools that do not work well together. Instead of saving time, this wastes time as people will be trying to figure out what goes where and where the information they need can be found. Not only will all of these different software systems use up valuable time, but they can also come at very high costs. Each of these systems has a pretty high price tag attached, and when you add this all up, your company can be losing money. Instead, try using an HR Bundle that integrates all of these systems seamlessly.

Data Source in One Place

One of the key benefits of implementing an HR Bundle into your workflow is that all of the data that you need can be found in one place. As such, you can automate employment verifications while keeping employee data secure. Analyzing the data will also give you valuable insights into trends for you to make informed decisions.

Quentelle Has Your HR Solutions

You do not have to look far for a proven HR Bundle. Quentelle delivers a best-in-class, award-winning HR software suite. We integrate with your process seamlessly and have made it simple to use. Contact us online or call us at 888-565-5515 to get started today.

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