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Unemployment Insurance Claims Management

Regardless of what industry you're in, chances are as an employer you're going to have to deal with unemployment claims. Managing and processing unemployment claims can be a costly and complicated landscape – not only can it be time-consuming, but it is also often quite challenging, and any mistakes can end up costing your company money.

Quentelle offers an industry-leading program for unemployment claims management through our trusted partner ValeU. Here are some things to consider when you are evaluating your current claims management solutions and unemployment costs.

You Need a Proven Method of Handling Unemployment Claims

When an employee is terminated for reasons outside of their control, they may be eligible to claim unemployment benefits. For example, if an employee is laid off or furloughed, as long as they meet the specific state requirements of wage and work hour thresholds, they can file a claim. Once this employee begins the unemployment claims process with the state unemployment office, it becomes your responsibility to manage that claim.

It's your decision whether you accept or deny the claim (if you don't take any action, the state assumes that you're accepting it). Some companies make the mistake of blindly accepting all unemployment claims to save time, but it usually ends up needlessly increasing their unemployment cost management and affecting their bottom line. Not only that, but if a company accepts a higher number of claims it could result in higher unemployment tax rates and even some penalties.

As you can see, without a proven method of handling your unemployment claims you're facing a risk of higher costs. And even if you do find a proven method of handling these claims, it can still be painfully labor intensive. This is where Quentelle can help.

Quentelle Is the Gold Standard in Unemployment Claims Management

The first perk you get when you work with Quentelle and our partners is a team of industry experts and advisors at your fingertips. You'll know that you're getting up-to-date, reputable information when it comes to managing unemployment claims. We'll work to streamline your unemployment claims processing system and help you gain a competitive advantage. Here are just some of the other benefits you'll experience when you work with us:

Use Your In-House Resources for Primary Business Functions

Managing unemployment claims is complicated and tedious and takes your employees away from tasks that benefit your core business functions. Do you want your valuable employees to spend their time attending an unemployment hearing? Do you want your management team to have to interact with multiple state unemployment agencies and spend time pouring over details trying to catch all the relevant information needed to accurately calculate taxes? And not only that, they'll be under a time-crunch to do so within the rigid state deadlines. Let Quentelle solutions handle all of this so your team can focus on doing a great job for you and your clients.

Minimize Errors and Lower Tax Costs

Time and time again, we see that companies that attempt to handle their unemployment claims in-house have to deal with errors. If this happens frequently enough, it can result in higher tax rates that increase your annual unemployment taxes.

Every state has its own set of policies, practices, and regulations when it comes to unemployment claims and the unemployment tax system. Not only that, but each state's unemployment laws can fluctuate, and if you're not mindful of it, you can find yourself outside of compliance.

When you partner with Quentelle, you won't have to worry about any of that. Instead, you'll experience increases in tax-saving potential, a reduction in unemployment costs, and the peace of mind that you are in full legal compliance and paying the correct tax rate for your state.

The goal of unemployment claims management services is to proactively manage UI claims (including acceptance or denial of claims), audit and track the UI claims history, and keep down the number of unemployment insurance claims as far as possible. Quentelle offers an industry-leading program for unemployment claims management through its partner ValeU NSN to large, medium, and small companies.

Why do You Need a Reliable UI Claims Management Process?

Employees who are terminated from their job for reasons not in their control, such as layoff or furlough, they may be eligible to claim unemployment benefits as long as they meet the state specific requirements of wage and work. Once they have filed a UI claim with the state unemployment office, it becomes your responsibility as an employer to manage that claim.

You will have a choice to either accept or deny the claim. If you take no action, it will be assumed that you accept the claim. While it may appear that a simple way out is to accept every unemployment insurance claim, the cost of these claims can eventually impact your company’s bottom line. An increased number of accepted UI claims could also invite penalties and higher tax rates. For these reasons, it is prudent to have a strategic and efficient unemployment insurance claims management process in place.

Advantages of Partnering with Quentelle for UI Claims Management

Joining hands with a trusted and reputable industry experts and advisors, such as Quentelle, to streamline your UI claims management process gives you a number of competitive advantages.

Use Your In-House Resources for Core Business Functions

Accurately managing unemployment claims is a complex and time consuming process. It usually involves interacting with multiple state unemployment agencies, reviewing all relevant information and data to ensure the tax rate calculations are appropriate, and meeting rigid deadlines imposed by the states.

Companies are increasingly recognizing that rather than use their valuable in-house talent, time and HR resources for this purpose, it is better to have a reliable partner like Quentelle take care of this responsibility. This frees up your teams to increase their focus on the core business functions for higher productivity.

Ensure Higher Accuracy and Minimize the Room for Error

When you rely on Quentelle and its partners for UI claims management, you will have a greater level of accuracy and minimal chances of human error with regard to UI claims. The experts who handle these tasks on your behalf are trained professionals who specialize in this area and have extensive experience managing these responsibilities for multiple clients.

They can accurately review your claims history and ensure that correct tax records and unemployment tax rates are maintained at all times. The centralized process UI claims administration, communication, and management ensure that claims don’t slip through the gaps and errors of commission and omission are minimized. Claims are accepted, denied, or contested more effectively with Quentelle’s network expertise.

Lower Tax Costs and Greater Potential for Tax Savings

When you handle the UI claims administration in-house, frequent errors can result in higher tax rates and push up your annual unemployment taxes. On the other hand, partnering with Quentelle increases your tax-saving potential and reduces your unemployment costs with our dedicated unemployment cost management services.

Quentelle’s partner teams comprising experienced professionals will maintain and implement consistent business processes and use advanced technology and automation to bring down your costs of UI claims management. Aggressive strategies, strong hearing representation during appeals, and pursuit of refunds and credits can bring about significant savings and keep your unemployment insurance tax rates low, while remaining compliant with the law.

Maintain Full Legal Compliance

Unemployment insurance system is governed by various state unemployment laws specific as well as federal laws. Every state imposes its own set of regulations, practices, and policies for the management of UI claims. Therefore, staying up to date with changes in state regulations and legal compliance requirements is often difficult for companies.

Whether your business is focused on one state or several states, you are assured of excellent legal expertise from Quentelle partners that will keep your company fully compliant in the face of evolving rules and legislations. Strong businesses are built on the foundation of compliance and staying on the right side of the law in all respects.

Dealing with unemployment claims is an inevitable aspect of being an employer. However, administering claims requires interacting with each state and meeting tight deadlines placed by the governing agencies, which use valuable HR resources and time. Companies must also strive to be compliant by implementing and maintaining consistent separation policies in order to keep unemployment costs down. In many cases, companies do not centralize unemployment correspondence, thus increasing the chances of having claims slip through the cracks which will increase unemployment tax rates and drive up annual tax costs.

Through a partnership with ValeU NSN, Quentelle delivers a best-in-class and comprehensive Unemployment Claims Management Program for Fortune 100 companies as well as smaller firms.

The State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) is an electronic transfer of UI claims documents from state agencies which eliminates the process of traditional U.S. mail, giving employers almost an additional week to gather documents and respond to each claim. Our ability to transmit data electronically results in increased claims response times which secure future appeal rights for employers.
Our proven solution empowers your decision on each unemployment insurance claim by:
  • Carefully reviewing each claim to determine eligibility, amount and benefit period
  • Challenging all questionable claims
  • Delivering quick and timely inquiry responses that adhere to state deadlines
  • Freeing-up your HR resources by eliminating taking on the administration of all claims
  • Receiving all claims directly from the state resulting in extended claim response time
  • Investigating all separations to drive favorable results and reduce costs
Claims that result in hearings, are administered by highly-experienced staff averaging 20 years of unemployment proceedings experience.  To ensure the best possible outcome for our clients:
  • Each witness is prepared before every hearing
  • All hearing documents and decisions are thoroughly reviewed
  • All appeals are submitted as warranted
The first line of defense in controlling UI costs is having sound HR policies, procedures and practices in place. This requires the involvement of managers and staff throughout the organization.  For this, we deliver detailed education, training and support, tailored to each situation. Our interactive and proactive approach will help your key staff to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for continuous improvement in:
  • Compliance
  • Documentation
  • Win ratios
  • Performance management
  • Problem prevention

Proven Unemployment Claims Management Solutions from Quentelle

Unemployment insurance has numerous variables, which can be used to your advantage to lower your costs of UI claims. Quentelle’s partner-based platform has the capability to provide you best-in-class, data-driven services and support and add outstanding value to your business. Schedule a demo with our dedicated team to know how our platform, partners and technology can help your company. Call us at (888) 565-5515* or contact us online.

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