Simplified Unemployment Claims Management

powered by data, technology and domain expertise

Dealing with unemployment claims is an inevitable aspect of being an employer. However, administering claims requires interacting with each state and meeting tight deadlines placed by the governing agencies, which use valuable HR resources and time. Companies must also strive to be compliant by implementing and maintaining consistent separation policies in order to keep unemployment costs down. In many cases, companies do not centralize unemployment correspondence, thus increasing the chances of having claims slip through the cracks which will increase unemployment tax rates and drive-up annual tax costs.

Through a partnership with ValeU NSN, Quentelle delivers a best-in-class and comprehensive Unemployment Claims Management Program for Fortune 100 companies as well as smaller firms.

The State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) is an electronic transfer of UI claims documents from state agencies which eliminates the process of traditional U.S. mail, giving employers almost an additional week to gather documents and respond to each claim. Our ability to transmit data electronically results in increased claims response times which secure future appeal rights for employers.
Our proven solution empowers your decision on each unemployment insurance claim by:
  • Carefully reviewing each claim to determine eligibility, amount and benefit period
  • Challenging all questionable claims
  • Delivering quick and timely inquiry responses that adhere to state deadlines
  • Freeing-up your HR resources by eliminating taking on the administration of all claims
  • Receiving all claims directly from the state resulting in extended claim response time
  • Investigating all separations to drive favorable results and reduce costs
Claims that result in hearings, are administered by highly-experienced staff averaging 20 years of unemployment proceedings experience.  To ensure the best possible outcome for our clients:
  • Each witness is prepared before every hearing
  • All hearing documents and decisions are thoroughly reviewed
  • All appeals are submitted as warranted
The first line of defense in controlling UI costs is having sound HR policies, procedures and practices in place. This requires the involvement of managers and staff throughout the organization.  For this, we deliver detailed education, training and support, tailored to each situation. Our interactive and proactive approach will help your key staff to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for continuous improvement in:
  • Compliance
  • Documentation
  • Win ratios
  • Performance management
  • Problem prevention
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