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In the world of corporate taxation, managing state unemployment taxes is proven to be one of the most complicated and time-consuming tasks for employers. These tax rate calculations are complex with many variables and states often issue incorrect tax rate calculations to employers based on inaccurate data. In fact, each state has unique calculations and rules which can quickly overwhelm an employer’s administrative staff. Not to mention that employers are often issued outrageous penalties for failure to comply. Our consulting partners leverage their expertise in state laws and tax rate calculations to manage your state unemployment insurance taxes and minimize your costs with ease.

Key Benefits

We partnered with ValeU Group, a full-service Unemployment Tax Management consulting firm. Services are not administered like a vendor or service company but as a trusted advisor. The fee structure is flexible and can be a flat annual retainer, project basis, or contingent on secured savings. Clients look to us for proactive consulting and benefit from our experience and expertise.
  • Our consultants review every state’s unemployment tax rate calculation annually to make sure all taxes, benefit charges, taxable payroll and employment history are accurately reflected on the notice.
  • We appeal all inaccuracies, assessments or penalty assignments.
  • We review each state’s quarterly tax return for accuracy of payment.
  • We request and secure tax refunds/credits.
  • Expert advice on mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructure
  • State-specific techniques that lower your annual tax rates
  • Voluntary contributions and joint accounts reviewed where applicable
  • Tax savings analysis and completion of all applications prior to deadlines
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