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Verification of employment reporting
Verification of employment reporting
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Employment Verification Solutions

Making sure that your organization employs the right candidate for every job position can make the biggest difference to the success of your business. One of the key parts in making the best employment decisions is to carefully evaluate the job history of a prospective candidate. The formal process that business organizations use to review a candidate’s present job status, as well as their history of employment, is called Verification of Employment (VOE).

The Necessity Of Robust Employment A Robust Verification Process

Employment verification isn't just for employers and HR departments. In this age of identity theft, a secure, automated process is necessary to verify employment history. This is necessary to create risk profiles that are used by financial institutions and government agencies when determining eligibility for private or government-backed loan programs, government benefits, and more.

How to Request Information from a Past Employer?

Employers are increasingly relying on automation tools and digital platforms, such as Quentelle's VOE solutions, to perform the Verification of Employment process faster, more accurately, and in a more cost-effective manner. Some or all of the past employers that a candidate lists on their resume are requested to provide relevant information related to the individual’s work in their company. While it is not a legal obligation for most employers to submit this request, they usually provide the requested information. In this age of digital verification, Quentelle's proprietary VOE technology makes this simple.

What Information Can be Legally Provided for Employment Verification?

The federal law imposes no restrictions on the type of information that past employers may provide about a candidate to new prospective employers. However, your state may have certain laws defining what type of information might be shared for the purpose of background checks. In general, employers request the following types of information to be released about a job candidate for the purpose of employment verification checks:

  • Job titles
  • Duration and timeline of employment
  • Type of work responsibilities 
  • Performance on the job
  • Salary history
  • Skills, qualifications, and knowledge level
  • Professional conduct at work
  • Disciplinary action, if any
  • Reason for termination

While requesting past employment history to verify employment, hiring managers should make sure that follow the state and federal laws and ask only such information that is legally permissible to be used for making a hiring decision. By partnering with Quentelle for verifying past employment, you can benefit from a professionally managed and compliant process that utilizes advanced automation to minimize the risks and inefficiencies of manual systems.

How much Time Does it Take to Complete the Employment Verification Process?

When your human resource department handles the task of verifying employment history on their own, it can be a fairly time-consuming process and it will be prone to human errors. The time taken in this situation will vary, depending on:

  • The number of job applicants being verified
  • The number of internal HR employees working on the VOE process
  • The number of past employers of an applicant that must be verified
  • How current is the contact information of the previous employers
  • How soon did the previous employers choose to respond to your VOE request

Considering the tediousness of the employment verification process and the potential gaps in information that may occur, it is often an unproductive exercise for organizations to invest their internal resources, talent, and time, and then wait for weeks or more for a response.

The delay in the hiring process may not only cost the company in terms of loss of business but also a deserving candidate may not continue to wait for job confirmation and may move on and accept an offer from another employer. Likewise, loan applications for banks and applications for government programs can be held up. For these reasons, many organizations are now choosing Quentelle’s digital platform to make the candidate's employment history verification process more streamlined, swift, and reliable. These include financial organizations, government agencies, and employers.

Advantages of Verification of Employment History

When you verify the employment history of a job applicant using an advanced and trusted platform such as Quentelle, you can hire confidently while having the assurance the applicant has furnished authentic information and their stated professional credentials are valid. It will also ensure that the work experience they have is appropriate to perform the duties and responsibilities included in the new job description. The advantages include:

  • Income verification for loan applications
  • Work history confirmation for application to government programs
  • Security against identity fraud
  •  Improved quality of workforce over time due to superior hiring
  • Greater teamwork and employee morale because new hires fit in with the organization’s culture
  • Lower risks of employee theft or violence because the incidence of negligent hiring is minimized
  • Workplace environment becomes more secure and more productive
  • Lower incidence of substance abuse and addiction
  • Higher employee loyalty and reduced turnover
  • Better regulatory compliance

Set Up Your Business for Growth through Hiring Top Talent

Quentelle offers industry-leading automated solutions for Verification of Employment (VOE) through VeriSafeJobs. Backed by the assurance of data security and privacy, simplified and smart user experience, comprehensive reporting and advanced metrics, and excellent customer service and support, your business can go to the next level with Quentelle’s VOE solution. Would you like to have a demo to learn more about our partner-based platform? Give us a call today at (888) 565-5515* or simply complete this online form.

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Why Companies Choose VeriSafeJobs

Data Privacy and Security

FCRA compliant, SOC I & II certification, at-rest encryption,  proactive threat screening, and masked PII are just a few of the features that keep your data safe and private.

Simple User-Experience

Quick implementation, user-friendly interface and  advanced metrics and reporting deliver a smart and simple user experience.

Unmatched Client Support

Superb training, highly-experienced account management, service and support ensures all your inquiries are addressed timely, every time.

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