Verification of Employment - Case Study

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Extraordinary Savings for Global Fortune 500 Conglomerate

"Our payroll staff spent a vast amount of time dealing with verifications each year, even while outsourcing to a provider. However, once we implemented VeriSafeJobs, they worked with our team to streamline our process and they save us thousands of hours each year.” - Director, Payroll

Their Challenge

The HR staff for this iconic Fortune-500 conglomerate had grown frustrated and overwhelmed with the amount of time and resources they were having to spend each year to correct inaccuracies from their long-term provider.  In addition, they had tremendous concerns related to the privacy and security of their data due to a massive breach their provider had experienced.  As a result, they embarked on a mission to find an alternative solution that would meet their needs, delivering accurate data securely and eliminate the time and resources spent by their staff.  After issuing an RFP and meeting with several providers, it was clear that VeriSafeJobs would deliver the best solution.

Our Solution

Our team worked diligently to provide the client with a smooth transition of verification services in record times.  This included a detailed evaluation of their source data to eliminate the errors missed by their previous provider.  Our team delivered a flawless implementation, which included a comprehensive training to their staff and roll-out materials to ensure entire employee base was aware of the upgrade and change in process.

The Results

Our solution, VeriSafeJobs, streamlined their employment verifications and handled their volume swiftly and securely, freeing up valuable resources for the client by eliminating thousands of hours spent each year.  As a result, their HR team can now focus on more important projects and business objectives.  Last, but not least, they also qualified for lucrative rebates, which allowed us to further enhance and transform their employment verifications program into an effortless revenue stream for their global business.

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