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Employee Pre-Screening

The Mobile App is easy-to-use, compliant with SOC 2 data privacy guidelines, and ensures your employees, clients, and visitors confidently return to a healthy environment. Fast and easy, whether on a smartphone app, browser, or desktop, employees receive a private push notification to complete a quick mobile survey and customizable daily health questionnaire. This ensures healthy employees report to the office, while potentially vulnerable employees receive necessary next steps. In less than 60 seconds, you and your employees have the vital information needed to protect the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

Employee & Visitor Temperature Screening

One of the most telling indicators of a COVID-19 infection is a fever. Keep your team safe with our no contact thermal temperature scanners that feature SOC 2 compliant data storage and software developed in the U.S. The customizable kiosk asks employees and guests to complete the CDC’s Questionnaire to determine if they are symptomatic or have been to a high-risk region that could put them at risk for exposure to the virus. Information is captured, encrypted, and securely housed in our U.S. based network with 360º data protection.

Contact Tracing

If someone falls ill, Contact Tracing allows you to quickly identify co-workers who were close enough to be exposed. Not only will it tell you who may be at risk based on location, but it will also tell you the duration of the exposure. EBI Workplace Health & Safety sends out notifications, as well as information regarding testing or quarantining, all while protecting the affected employee’s identity. The entire process is automated and immediately allows you to trace possible chains of infection. The goal is to stop the spread as quickly as possible while allowing you to keep your business running.

Occupancy Management

Keeping track of how may patrons or staff are on-site at any given time is challenging and costly when using manual methods.  We utilize state-of-the-art camera technology to track incoming and outgoing traffic and display this in real-time in the HR Command Center so you know exactly how many people are on-site and when you may be nearing capacity limits.  Let's face it, capacity limits change almost weekly and having the ability to easily manage this is vital to keeping your business operations open and people safe.

About Walton

Walton delivers the most robust solution for Returning Employees To Work Safely, leveraging nearly 40 years of experience as a leading provider of Human Resource solutions.

Cloud-based Technology

The HR Command Center leverages the power of cloud computing to manage and retrieve your data OnDemand, fast and securely.

Push Alerts

From text to email alerts, the HR Command Center can easily be configured to deliver useful reminders of the information you deem important.

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Flexible Integrations

Our HR Command Center platform integrates commonly used services by well known providers to deliver an all-in-one solution for your convenience.

Single Sign-On

Access the HR Command Center with ease and security with our single sign-on capabilities, powered by Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Take Advantage of the Safety and Security of the Command Center.

Data Privacy and Security
FCRA compliant, SOC I & II certification, at-rest encryption, proactive threat screening, and masked PII are just a few of the features that keep your data safe and private.
Simple User-Experience

Quick implementation, user-friendly interface and advanced metrics and reporting deliver a smart and simple user experience.

Unmatched Client Support

Superb training, highly-experienced account management, service and support ensures all your inquiries are addressed timely, every time.

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Command Center
Putting everything at your fingertips in one system. No more logging into various systems to see an analyze your operation.

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