Simplified Screening
to Maximize Tax Credits

Automate and Streamline your company's
Work Opportunity Tax Credits, so you can
focus on hiring the best available talent.

Take Advantage of Available Tax Credits using One Platform

Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)
Walton Management is a leading provider of employment tax credits and delivers a streamlined solution that screens for Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) with ease. Administering a simple but proven short questionnaire during your company’s hiring or onboarding process empowers Walton to determine eligibility and pursue tax credits on your behalf.
Other Credits

Walton also pursues all other point-of-hire, federal, local and state tax credits that your company may qualify for as part of an integrated screening solution. This includes Federal Empowerment Zone and the Indian Employment Credit program, to name a few. With our proven solution, all you have to do is hire away. We take care of the rest, behind the scenes.

Simplified Screening

When it comes to screening, we like to keep it simple. Walton leverages a number of integrations with some of the most well-known and reputable Applicant Tracking, Onboarding and Payroll providers. This allows Walton the flexibility to automate your tax credit screening and deliver a simple and swift user experience while driving maximum results.

Unmatched Results

Turning over your company’s tax credits ensure you get the best of both worlds. You’ll rest assured knowing that no stone is left unturned to maximize your tax savings and you can eliminate your team’s workload by implementing Walton’s proven solutions.

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I was told that Walton was the Cadillac of WOTC, and they did not disappoint.

Vice President, Tax

About Walton

Walton delivers the most robust solution for Work Opportunity Tax Credits and other point-of-hire incentives, leveraging nearly 40 years of experience as a leading provider of credits and incentives.

Proven Experience
We’ve been there and done that for nearly 40 years delivering maximum savings to companies through point-of-hire tax credit programs and applying our proven best practices with a customer driven focus.
Advanced Technology
Our platform technology is designed to deliver a smart and innovative user experience that saves you time so you can focus your time and effort on running your business and making informed decisions.
Unparalleled Service
As a client of Walton, you can rest assured knowing we will always take great care of you. Our experienced client support team is here to answers your questions and deliver excellent service.
Cloud-based Technology

ForeSite leverages the power of cloud computing to manage and retrieve your data OnDemand, fast and securely.

Push Alerts

From text to email alerts, ForeSite can easily be configured to deliver useful reminders of the information you deem important.

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Flexible Integrations

Our platform integrates commonly used services by well known providers to deliver an all-in-one solution for your convenience.

Single Sign-On

Access ForeSite with ease and security with our single sign-on capabilities, powered by Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Smart and simple redefined

through the power of one

One contract

Single service agreement with the option to add additional services as needed.

One platform

Our award-winning platform delivers a simple user experience that saves you time and money.

One data source

No need to transmit multiple payroll files. ForeSite leverages a single file for all services.

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