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What to do When Your Employee Needs Verification

There are several reasons why an employee may need verification of employment, and it is essential to have the right VOE provider when you get these requests. Typically when an employee needs verification, they will need confirmation on the start and end dates of employment, pay rates, hours of work, etc. While you may not think this is a big deal, it can be life-changing for your employee and you should ensure you are prepared to provide accurate information in a timely manner.

Reasons an Employee Needs Verification

One of the most common reasons an employee needs verification is to secure a loan. This can be a mortgage loan, auto loan, personal loan, or another loan. It could even be to open a credit card. You will typically receive a letter from the lender requesting employment verification. If you have a VOE provider, you can pass it along to them.

These requests often can be completed over the phone since they may simply require the employer to confirm current employment and salary. However, never provide this information without first talking with your employee to ensure they have applied for a loan.

Another reason an employee might need verification is for leases. This is often when a landlord or building supervisor is reviewing an application. Essentially employment verification is used to determine whether the person will be able to pay their rent. Usually, you provide their current salary and job title.

Another common reason an employee needs verification is for green cards and visas. The person needs to show government agencies that they can support themselves while in the country. The government agency will require you or your VOE provider to confirm current employment, salary, and continued employment.

Written Authorization

There are a few critical elements to employment verification. The first is to obtain written authorization from the employee. They must submit a written request and permission to release information about them. If you obtain a request from a third party, you must still have written authorization from the employee before going through your VOE provider. The one exception is when a court or government agency requests this information.

What Information do You Need to Provide?

Once you receive a request for employment verification, you must determine what information you need to provide. Some employers will not provide any information unless there is a court order or other case with no legal wiggle room. The requestor will provide you with a form that you need to fill out that lists the requested information. You must ensure that you and the employee both sign and agree to provide this information.

Provide Accurate Information

Accurate information is crucial when an employee needs verification. While your VOE provider will verify employment, there is still some due diligence that you must do. You should ensure that the information provided is accurate by double-checking and retaining a copy in the employee’s personnel file. It is a good rule of thumb to have a designated point of contact for employment verification.

Reach Out to Quentelle Today for Employee Verification

Verifying the employment history of your prospective employees is vital to making the right choice when hiring. It is also important to provide your current and former employees with accurate and speedy employment verification. Often, this takes up a lot of time and energy from your HR department. You can automate the employee verification process using a platform like the one we offer at Quentelle. Contact us online or call us at 888-565-5515 to get started today. Our experienced team is ready to answer your questions and find the solution right for your company’s needs.

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