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Quentelle is the top firm in the industry when it comes to simplifying human resources (HR) for companies like yours. Our award-winning, cloud-based platform is the key to automating and streamlining the functions of your HR department, freeing up those resources to better serve your company. But what is an actual example of how our solutions work?

Rather than use a hypothetical example of how our Point-of-Hire Tax Credit solutions work, we want to show you a scenario that actually took place. In this case study, you’ll see how just a few changes in the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) process of a grocery retailer led to an incredible savings of resources, money, and time.

What Is Work Opportunity Tax Credit?

If you are not sure what the WOTC is, Quentelle can help clarify. We are experts when it comes to tax credits and general business credit – and our platform will equip you to make educated, informed decisions.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a federal credit given to taxable employers who hire designated community residents that consistently have a more difficult time finding a job. To claim the credit, a company must keep track of a few things: the target groups, an employee’s start date, the wages paid, etc. Quentelle will help you ensure that your WOTC tax credit opportunities are identified and handled correctly for every new hire.

The Challenge: Loss of a Work Opportunity Tax Credit Provider

This case study centers around a well-known national grocery retailer with over one thousand locations across the U.S. It turned out that the company they were using to screen their potential employees for WOTC (a federal tax credit) was no longer able to provide the service. If their WOTC program had a disruption, it would be catastrophic to their existing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and potentially cost them revenue in lost WOTC opportunities.

Our Solution: Best-In-Class Work Opportunity Tax Credit Implementation

Quentelle’s proven partner Walton was the clear front-runner once the company evaluated its options for a new WOTC provider. Walton’s team worked tirelessly to be sure there was no gap in WOTC screening coverage. The new solution was up and running within thirty days with no issues. During the project, the grocery retailer also switched to new HRIS and payroll providers, and Walton identified an incredible opportunity to further optimize. Walton worked with the chain to enhance its WOTC screening and implement a new workflow to all locations.

The Results: A 100% Increase in Tax Credits

The results were staggering – by implementing Walton’s improved screening process and following their proven best practices, the grocery retailer was able to increase its tax credits by 100% within the first year. This was only the beginning. Walton also leveraged its robust data exchange automation to make filing the required Form 8850 a process that was more rapid and secure than ever. By sending these forms securely and automatically to the State Workforce Agency, it not only made filing for WOTC quicker and more seamless – it also allowed them to push through pending certifications from the previous provider.

Quentelle Can Help Your Company

This case study is just one of the many ways that Quentelle helps companies like yours get the absolute most out of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. We’d love to talk to you about how we may be able to revamp the way your company handles WOTC and see if you’re missing out on opportunities for revenue. Let’s talk today! You can request a demo here.

Unprecedented Results for National Grocery Retailer

"Not only was Walton able to get us onboard expeditiously, but their solution delivered unprecedented results for our WOTC program." - VP, Human Resources

Their Challenge

A well-known national grocery retailer with more than a thousand locations in the U.S. had been screening their employees for Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) through a provider that was no longer able to deliver the service to meet their needs.  A disruption to their WOTC program was in sight, unless they were able to find a suitable replacement provider that could deliver a quick and non-disruptive implementation while maintaining their high KPI’s.  Upon evaluating their options, they decided to up their game and switch their tax credit screening over to our partner, Walton.

Our Solution

Walton’s team worked hard to make sure this client was up and running within thirty-days and monitored their progress meticulously to make sure their critical KPI’s remained high throughout their transition.  As it turns out, shortly thereafter the client also transitioned to a new HRIS and payroll provider, so Walton used this as an opportunity to work with the client to further enhance their WOTC screening by applying best practices and integrating it into their new workflow to deliver a superior user experience to all locations.

The Results

Upon their first year with Walton as their new provider, as a result of better screening and the implementation of proven best practices, their tax credits increased by one-hundred percent from what they were used to achieving using their previous provider.  Additionally, Walton leveraged its robust data exchange automation with State Workforce Agencies to expedite the response time to filed Form 8850’s and develop a solution that would enable them to process pending certifications from the previous provider, to deliver a simplified transition for this important client.

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